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Fields of Specialization

Energy Economics
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Selected Papers


Evidence about Asymmetric Price Transmission in the main European Fuel Markets: From TAR-ECM to Markov-Switching approach. Empirical Economics. 2018. Forthcoming (joint with Rafi Pérez and Jesús Ruiz).

Fossil fuel price shocks and CO2 emissions: the case of Spain. The Energy Journal. Vol.38, No. 6, 161-176. 2017. (joint with Jorge Blázquez, Rafi Pérez and Jesús Ruiz).

Exploring the sources of Spanish Macroeconomic Fluctuations: An estimation of a small open economy DSGE model. International Review of Economics and Finance. Vol. 45. 417-437. September 2016 (joint with Rafaela Pérez and Jesús Ruiz).


Assessment of political situation over the business cycle in Spain: A time series analysis. Hacienda Pública Española / Review of Public Economics. 213 - (2/2015), 41-62. 2015. (joint with Marcos Alvarez, Gonzalo Caballero and Baltasar Manzano).


The rise of emerging markets and its impact on global energy security. Modern Economy, 5, 967-979. 2014.

 A Real Business Cycle model with tradable and non-tradable goods for the Spanish economy. Economic Modelling. Vol. 36, 2014. (joint with Rafaela Pérez and Jesús Ruiz).

 Transmission Mechanisms of Real Stochastic Shocks in a Small Open Economy. International Economics and Economic Policy, Vol. 10(2), 2013. (joint with Eduardo Giménez).

 Private consumption and sector Price behaviour in the Spanish economy. A business cycle approach. Applied Economic Letters. Vol.19, issue 9, 2012. (joint with Jesus Ruiz and Rafaela Pérez).

 Disentangling the effects of oil shocks:the role of rigidities and monetary policy. The Energy Journal. Vol.30, 2009. (joint with Carlos de Miguel, Baltasar Manzano and Jesús Ruiz).

Climate Change Policies after 2012. The Energy Journal. Vol.30, 2009. (joint with Xavier Labandeira).


Can fiscal policy help to achive inflation convergence? The Spanish evidence. El Trimestre Económico. Vol. LXXV(1), Núm. 297. 2008.


Impacto de cambios legislativos en las pensiones de jubilación contributivas. El caso español. El Trimestre Económico. Vol. LXXIII(3), Núm. 291. 2006. (joint with Manuel Balmaseda, Jorge Blázquez and Patry Tello).


Oil shocks and the business cycle in Europe. In Economic Modelling of Climate Change and Energy Policies. Edited by C. de Miguel, X. Labandeira and B. Manzano. Edwar Elgar Publishing 2006.


Oil Price Shockis and Aggregate Fluctuations. The Energy Journal, vol. 24, Number 2. Mayo 2003. (joint with Carlos de Miguel and Baltasar Manzano).


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Consumo público e inflación dual. Investigaciones Económicas, XXIII (2), 173-202. Mayo 1999.


Ciclos reales en economías abiertas: una aplicación al caso español. Moneda y Crédito (Segunda época). Volumen 207, 87-113. Junio 1998.


Work in Progress

Is there Asymemetric Price Transmission in the Spanish Fual Market? New Evidence from TAR-ECM and Markov-Switching Models. Submitted to Journal of Applied Economics. (joint with Rafi Pérea and Jesús Ruiz).

Curbing Carbon Emissions: Is a Carbon Tax the Most Efficient Tax?. Submitted to Environmental and Resource Economics. (joint with Jorge Blázquez, Rafi Pérez and Jesús Ruiz).